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220  Date: 2007-05-05 06:29:37
John Holgate ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,

Well done!

I enjoyed your round the world flight details and the pictures also.

When I retire from Singapore Airlines, I would like to purchase an aircraft in the US (probably a beech similar to yours) and fly it home to NSW and/or possibly around the world.

John Holgate

219  Date: 2007-04-08 05:58:23
Ian Aspland ( / no homepage) wrote:

Just wanted to see if you had flown off the face of the earth Bill??

218  Date: 2006-11-08 23:12:05
Ed Green ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have just read about your trip-fantastic! it's got me thinking!

217  Date: 2006-10-25 12:28:38
Don Adamson ( / no homepage) wrote:

Lucky you.

216  Date: 2006-07-11 10:04:32
Malcolm Coghill ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, A wonderful story - congratulations.
Malcolm Coghill,
PA28/235 KIF PA32/300 MLK

215  Date: 2006-06-26 01:14:25
Jolene McHugh ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,
I'm glad to see you're keeping up the PNG Air Safari's, I confess I miss the hype when I worked with you preparing for the trips, with obtaining the maps and flight plans, it was hectic, but I still have good memories. I am glad you still continue to do the tours!
You're website looks great too!
Regards Jo

214  Date: 2006-05-29 03:05:16
Perren Stephan ( / wrote:

The airsafaris look great,we are on a tour around the globe with the Mooney HBDGL, we made it from Seitzerland to Sydney and plan now to start 13th June via PNG Brunei Japan Alaska Greenland Island back. We are highly interested to know the fuel conditions in PNG and Indonesia (Manado)
Thanks Bill for the help offered
Nicolas and Stephan Perren, Davos Switzerland

213  Date: 2005-11-29 22:56:38
Bill Allen ( / no homepage) wrote:

Wow, Bill was here with me for a few hours touring our hangar/crew quarter development at Gillespie Field in El Cajon California USA -- where is the beer?

212  Date: 2005-09-25 08:28:24
Neil Follett ( / no homepage) wrote:

I admire your bravery. As a non-swimmer I get nervous flying over swimming pools.

211  Date: 2005-08-24 14:17:15
gregg gillingham ( / no homepage) wrote:

I will be making a very similar flight east bound from Miami , Costa Rica , Reiclife, Dakar, Gabon, Kenya, Seychelles, sir lanka, Thailand , Philippines, and then down to see you guys after Indonesia. I have been to Papua new guinea by sail and might have to go back to some of the haunt’s. HOW IS FUEL ? I don’t plan to be there for 6 to 20 months so I am sure the status will change in that time. your sight is very informative i.e. (figuring fuel to return) , being aware of bribes and importance of knowing what to expect and what is expected of me. Thanks 3454X gregg

210  Date: 2005-02-15 20:55:10
Robert Friedl ( / no homepage) wrote:

Impressive feat. Looking at planning one myself, your site was a big help. Congo AA sounds a little crazy though.

209  Date: 2005-01-10 07:10:18
Don Amidan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Will be doing a World Flight. See your area as a must. I met Ricky De Agrela when he came to my airport in 2004 and if they can do it in trikes we all have hope.


208  Date: 2004-10-05 07:47:39
Ed Willis ( / no homepage) wrote:

would like to do a tour up to the territory and north queensland about june july 05. do you know of anything like this.

207  Date: 2004-08-27 21:03:58
Mark Baumgartner ( / wrote:

Thank you for sharing your trip. I enjoyed reading your site and hope to make the trip someday.

206  Date: 2003-12-08 11:05:18
Brian and Sue Clark ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bill, after recently reading about your remarkable around the world flight last year, I wished I had known sooner about your achievements. When our families all caught up again for Dad's funeral in October, I talked to you about Matthew's love of flying and in particular, gliding. As an Aerospace Engineering researcher at UQ, he will soon be moving to Adelaide to work for British Aerospace. He was as interested and thrilled as I was to read of your aeronautical exploits. Well done and congatulations!. Bill, it was wonderful to see everone again. Edna, Jean and Jack all look so well. Thanks for your support and best wishes. Regards from your cousin Brian, Robina.

205  Date: 2003-04-22 05:06:35
James ( / wrote:

Killa site!

204  Date: 2003-04-16 23:17:52
Joyce Matthews ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bill, I've enjoyed your story - congratulations on becoming an Earthrounder. I noted with pleasure the photos of your meeting with an old friend of mine in San Diego, Jay Shower, Earthrounder Supreme with friend Murray Goodrich. I hope you'll stay in touch with him. I presume he showed you the video he took of their flight in 1993, during which they crossed the equator six times. Your route indicates similar crossings. Congratulations once again, and 'good on you, Mate'!

203  Date: 2003-04-14 14:11:46
ian johnson ( / no homepage) wrote:

very interesting reading. Your flight from Archerfield to Broome was one of the longer ones which I guess was a good test before going over water. congratulations on your achievement

202  Date: 2003-03-14 00:08:12
Ron Woulfe ( / no homepage) wrote:

Gidday. Have participated in several Rotary FAIM projects Mt Hargen, Kokoda, Kimil, Yule Is. Madang.
Wouldnt mind having look around. Have got 172 & only 300 Hrs. Might be bit out of my reach eh?

201  Date: 2003-01-13 10:11:36
claus scheidl ( / wrote:

just going to prepare a flight around on my impulse 120TD aircraft. Reading your reports carefully...
Goo'day mate

200  Date: 2002-12-24 09:59:33
Mark Randall ( / no homepage) wrote:

Seriously interesting and I am very interested in the trans Pacific route and how you achieved that as this is one of my ultimate goals.

Merry Christmas.

199  Date: 2002-10-08 01:08:06
Russell Malishev ( / wrote:

Well done!!
Unbelievable, must be hard to come back to earth with us mere mortals!!
P.S. When do you head off for the next trip?

198  Date: 2002-10-07 05:02:18
margaret scells ( / no homepage) wrote:

great reading

197  Date: 2002-09-29 11:04:31
Gordon Prescott ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,
How is the radio in the Tiger going?
I have not been out to WB International since I saw you there, nor have I been to Caboolture.
Just thought I would say g'day.
I have made an aviator friend of mine in Victoria aware of your web-site, he is Stawell Aviation Services, Graham Boatman.
He also does aviation tours, so I figure you two have something in common.
Happy flying until next we meet....

196  Date: 2002-09-10 07:15:04
David Woods ( / wrote:

G'day Bill, Happy Birthday & congrats on your exciting expedition. Who would have thought a grumpy prick like yourself would enjoy his own company for two months solo! Afterall it was your Birthday - not ours. Best Regards all the same.

195  Date: 2002-07-26 04:30:16
Eric Kingston ( / no homepage) wrote:

Many congratulations. I enjoyed following your trip.

Do you have a feel for how much it actually cost you? I am planning Oz to UK

Cheers and well done
Eric Kingston

194  Date: 2002-07-08 20:24:36
Barry Wirrick ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bill, belated congratulations on a wonderful flight. You have inspired me even more than you and Bob did when in PNG last year. Claude and I are off to Osh on Sunday 21/7, with 70 others in the Avtours group.

193  Date: 2002-07-07 00:16:37
christine sonder ( / wrote:

glad to see you are not too old to still have adventures. love Chris

192  Date: 2002-07-06 08:44:32
Norris and Marcia Lewis ( / wrote:

Hi Bill ,Jen called by the market a couple of days ago and mentioned to us that you were away. Whats he up to was our obvious question and her answer just blew us both away.
She has most kindly sent us your email address which she says you have been clearing regularly during your trip .We can't precisely recall where she said you are just at this moment, but we think it was South America somewhere.
In any case we hope that you are confident and well when you receive this message and that we think that to do something like this would take a lot of guts and good planning with a touch of luck to give you the enjoyment and huge satisfaction it deserves.To do it with somebody is one thing but to do it with just you and that motor.... boy don't even think about the possibilities! The exhiliration on your return will be something only you can cherish and may it be full of happy & satisfying memories .EVEREST WAS NOTHING MAN !!

191  Date: 2002-07-03 15:47:35
Kayla Danielle Key ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am Kayla Key from the Natchitoches Times. I did an interview on you when you came to Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA. I just wanted to let you know that you were an interesting man. Thank you for letting us interview you!


190  Date: 2002-07-02 12:18:20
Oscar R. Buergis ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hallo there,

Congratulation for that round-the-world-trip! I just wonder, that you didn't have troubles with the african burocracy...
Well done, hurray.

189  Date: 2002-06-30 18:58:46
Gordon Prescott ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bill, I have come along at the end of all this, met you and Jen for the first time at Watts Bridge on June 30th, and a fine way to finish the financial year it was too! Thanks for the opportunity to learn of your adventure. You have my absolute respect for what you have achieved. Good on you. Hope to see you around. Gordon.

188  Date: 2002-06-10 10:40:09
Hannah ( / no homepage) wrote:

You're a Legend Bill!
Great stuff--just awesome-followed you all the way
What next! you can't stop now.
A"Pren of Lapun man"[Mother Goose]

187  Date: 2002-06-08 20:46:41
Phil Bassingthwaighte ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great read Bill, I was one of the ATCs in Brisbane Tower on the day you came back through Brisbane. It was a pleasure for all of us in the tower to welcome you back after such a great trip.
Congratulations and all the best.

186  Date: 2002-06-06 13:02:42
Sabine Thumser ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Bill,
that was really great. Hopefully made you not so many loopings as on our journey 1992. That was an event that we sure never forget. Sorry about not making a stop in netherland, where we now live.
Greetings from Sabine and Jochen Thumser

185  Date: 2002-06-05 18:26:04
Phyllis Svetich ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bula Bill! Glad to see you made it home safe and sound. I could tell you were getting just a wee bit homesick on those last couple of days. It was so much fun meeting you and being a small part of your adventures. I hope we cross paths again in the future. If you're ever in the Sacramento area, drop by and visit us.
--Phyllis & Ralph

184  Date: 2002-06-03 22:48:16
Frank ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Bill,
Well done!!!!
I just got back from a meeting in France and found
your last leg report.
What a wonderful thing it is to be able to do such a thing!!
Again: well done, and we shall meet the latest in Australia for the erm.
Frank :o))

183  Date: 2002-06-01 08:53:10
Hans Georg Schmid ( / wrote:

Dear Bill

Hearty congratulations from Switzerland for your flight around the world. Now you really know the World is round - one of the things you wanted to find out.

Welcome to the club!

All the best

HG Schmid

182  Date: 2002-06-01 06:03:40
Jay Shower ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bill, It was great having you visit us RTW pilots in San Diego. We are all so Proud of You! Our Congratulations! to you and your family for believing in you. You and the family are welcome here anytime. You are one of us, a family of RTW'ers.

181  Date: 2002-05-31 18:32:30
Flemming and Angela PEDERSEN ( / wrote:

Dear Bill,
Congratulations Bill with your fascinating RTW trip. Should you ever pass through Geneva, Switzerland, please come and see us! Hope to see you in Perth in August 2003.
Angela and Flemming - presently Lisbon.

180  Date: 2002-05-31 13:20:12
Charles Robinson ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations Bill on a brave trip and a great online diary. It's made inspiring reading. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

179  Date: 2002-05-30 08:51:28
alfred schneckenreither ( / wrote:

hallo bill,


hope it´s not too hard to find back to normal life.
you certayinly had a great experience. hope to hear from you some time..

178  Date: 2002-05-29 13:11:26
Jan Eller Dowdle ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations Bill! I'm so glad you're safely home, it's wonderful to know someone who has truly fulfilled his dream. The pictures and diary are totally entertaining. An open invitation to any of the Finlens, anytime, to visit us in Maryland.

177  Date: 2002-05-29 08:22:16
Theo &Jenny Seymour ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill
Congratulations on your Around The World Trip. What an achievement and thanks for sharing it all with us. Your patience and persistence with all the paper work and officialdom is amazing and then you had to go out and do the flying! Good on you Bill!
All the best from Jenny and Theo

176  Date: 2002-05-29 06:45:21
Royden and Dallas ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great reading and we are very proud of you

175  Date: 2002-05-28 21:12:44
Troy Branning ( / no homepage) wrote:


I have been following your trip ever since Ron Vickrey gave me the web site. What a great experience you must have had. I don't think I could have put up with all the customs/immigration hassles though. Good thing you took a lot of cash money!


Troy Branning, Miami Florida

174  Date: 2002-05-28 20:28:39
Peter Woelfel ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hallo Bill

congratulations and welcome in the earthrounders club-what a big adventure


173  Date: 2002-05-28 14:55:05
Peter Dangerfield ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations Bill,

I just found your web site a week ago and was following the last leg of your trip with great interest. I wish you had stopped in Memphis TN USA and got to enjoy our great B-B-Q, maybe next time?
I'm from Townsville and I was please to see an old Banana Bender doing the RTW. :)


172  Date: 2002-05-28 13:10:52
Klaus and Ursula Graesslin ( / no homepage) wrote:

Welcome back home Boss Pella.
Klaus and Ursula

171  Date: 2002-05-28 02:42:33
Guy Kendell ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations on achieving what no superpower ever could - navigating your way through the politics and beauracracy of so many third world countries (the flying is the easy part!).
Well done Bill.

170  Date: 2002-05-28 01:49:19
Bevan Anderson ( / wrote:

Congratulations on a safe return! I've been following your journey via your web site since you departed.

Been slowly planning my own RTW too.. one day!


169  Date: 2002-05-27 22:55:02
Ian Ridgeway ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill, have been following you atw on the web ,what a great experience,hope to catch up on the PNG trip if it's on and hear it straight from the horses mouth

168  Date: 2002-05-27 22:30:02
Bob Reiss ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Bill,Congratulations!WellDone!Welcome to the Earthrounders Club!I will share here the contents of my private note to you."Bill, you have had a life and mind altering experience,you will no more be the Bill Finlen of old;you left him on the ramp when you departed on your adventure."Bob ATW3x

167  Date: 2002-05-27 10:41:49
Odilon Monteiro ( / wrote:

Dear Bill,

Congratulations on a great trip.
I enjoyed each trip report.


166  Date: 2002-05-27 09:46:14
Eric Saacks ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Bill

Bravo! You did it. What great courage. You keep our dreams alive. Well done!

Eric Saacks

165  Date: 2002-05-27 02:44:39
Joanne Parker ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have a father-in-law named Bill,
who could fly a plane at will.
He had an ambition to do the globe,
he could be no more relaxed than in his bath robe.

So from Christmas Island to Cuba Havanna,
he's seen Seychelles, Africa and her beautiful Savanna.
With air traffic control becoming clearer,
good to know that you are getting nearer.

All our love
Jo, Andy, Emma and Sam. xoxo

164  Date: 2002-05-26 21:40:21
Ian & Annette Purdie ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations on a job well done,have enjoyed your "notes", what a lot of wonderfull experiences.
Welcome home.

163  Date: 2002-05-26 07:53:07
Bronwyn Dove ( / no homepage) wrote:

An Amazing trip by an amazing man.We will miss following your adventure but it is wonderful to have you safely home.

162  Date: 2002-05-26 05:11:33
Steve Pratt ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations Bill!!, I met you in Ada, OK at GAMI, we shared a lift back to the airpot from the hotel. Great to meet you and glad to see you made it home safely.

161  Date: 2002-05-25 11:28:41
Bob York ( / wrote:

Enjoyable reading, fantastic adventure...what a wonderful world.

Regards..Bob 21 years Navy, now with Qld Police communicatins and 10 minutes from Archerfield.

160  Date: 2002-05-25 01:24:31
Clive Tudge ( / wrote:

Wonderful achievement, well done Bill. Love to hear all the stories one day.


159  Date: 2002-05-23 18:34:18
Tom Bullion ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am enjoying the trip report. All the best.

158  Date: 2002-05-22 09:36:23
Jim Peters ( / no homepage) wrote:

My little contribution on sticky valves pales into insignificance compared to the discussion in AVWEB at

Well worth a look especially for those who like to bathe their very hot exhaust valves in gases containing oxygen. This problem would be one of my major concerns with long range flying. Enough said!

157  Date: 2002-05-21 13:02:24
Jim Peters ( / no homepage) wrote:

Well done Bill!. Do I detect a certain satisfaction and relief that it is now nearly all over?.

I was relieved to read that you had valve problems whilst over the Amazon and that you detected the signs during an approach rather than at a PNR. I was prompted to look at (sorry for being blasphemous to Continental owners) “The Lycoming Flyer Key Reprints” taken from the Textron Lycoming Newsletters. It contains articles on sticking valves. I have this problem in my aircraft, which I don’t use often enough. I do not claim any kudos nor do I have any expertise. I decided to review the articles for my own purposes and share my findings for those who are interested. ( Hell! It might save someone’s life someday.)

The warning signs are that the engine runs roughly (on less than all cylinders) at start-up then smoothes out after a few seconds. (Fuel distribution problems last only 1-2 seconds. This rough running goes on for 3-5 seconds) Lycoming recommended that these signs be taken seriously and the exhaust valves be removed cleaned and the valve guides reamed to normalise valve stem clearances. These clearances tend to decrease especially under certain operating conditions.

Preventative measures included:

1. Regular oil changes every 50 hours. (Especially to remove lead sludge)
2. Oil change every four months even if < 50 hours engine time
3. Regular filter changes.
4. Avoid prolonged engine ground operation.
5. Avoid engine hot spots (baffling, ground operation) or high temperature operation. (I don’t know whether running 50 degrees on the lean side has any influence- carbonising oil in the valve guides.)
6. Avoid power off descents.

I have had one valve stem fracture in flight some time ago, prompting a shutdown, and I now have the rough running at start-up. Reluctantly, I will have to ask my engineer to investigate. Perhaps an expert may care to comment.

Well Bill, I congratulate you on your achievement and the acquisition of so much aeronautical experience (and so much other fun and experience) in such a short time. I will be there to celebrate your homecoming

Well done! Boss Pella!

Jim Peters

156  Date: 2002-05-21 10:59:34
BABE FINLEN ( / no homepage) wrote:

three more sleeps dad
Going to bed now
Infinedy X's Million LOVE
Rube xxxxoooo

155  Date: 2002-05-21 03:58:01
John Simonett ( / no homepage) wrote:

Sounds like a great caper! Your reason for leaving sums it all up. Keep us in mind if your travels ever bring you near Vancouver, with or without VH-TYE.

154  Date: 2002-05-21 02:24:36
Philip ( / no homepage) wrote:

Only just stumbled on to your web site and am partly thru reading all about it. What an adventure. Very inspiring to aim high, and for me, to see where a life of trusting my God might just take me. Heading off on an "aviation adventure" myself... all in the fullness of time.
Seen your Bonanza at Archerfield at times so next time I'll come and say 'gidday'.
Prayin you'll have safe flying for these last few days... and beyond...

153  Date: 2002-05-20 18:07:49
Michel Gordillo ( / no homepage) wrote:

Go, go, go and enjoy !
I know you are tired, but I know you are happy. So, thank you for keeping the earthrounders spirit up !

152  Date: 2002-05-20 12:58:01
Theo &Jenny Seymour ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great reading Bill. Not only will you miss it, we have become hooked on your adventure as well. How about going around again! We hope you get Tail winds rest of the way home. All the best.

151  Date: 2002-05-20 12:45:39
sharon brooks ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Bill,
Happy Birthday!! Hope you are having a great time. I am sure you are.
Take care,
Love always Sharon and Philip Brooks in (London)

150  Date: 2002-05-20 10:38:06
alfred ( / wrote:

hi bill,

congratulations so far, we are all following you in our minds. good luck for the rest of the journey.

alfred + caroline / austria

149  Date: 2002-05-19 21:40:32
Frank ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Bill,
so far, you have done very well--a wonderful
experience and I hope to be able to talk to
you after your return.
Frank :;o))

148  Date: 2002-05-19 15:16:44
Mary Ford and Jay Shower ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill: After you left San Diego, we flew down the Mexican Baja. We noticed after our third beer on the beach there, that you still had three hours to go to reach Hawaii. You have a lot of American friends cheering you on, as well as the Australians. We are proud of you!! Go Bill!!

147  Date: 2002-05-19 11:01:02
john&carnen lee ( / no homepage) wrote:

hi bill,we have been keeping track of your trip & it appears that you are having a great adventure, see you soon john& carmen;

146  Date: 2002-05-19 10:43:51
Julie Tom ( / no homepage) wrote:

From one flying "ACE" to another !!!! Bloody brilliant Bill. Extremely proud of you. Look forward to sharing a good bottle of red with you on your return and discussing the merits of horses over planes!!!! Love from us all
Julie, Greg, Lauren, Rachel and Sam the horse xxxx

145  Date: 2002-05-19 00:46:22
Murray Goodrich ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bill, My wife Margrit and I enjoyed your visit to San Diego. You gained the respect and admiration of three San Diego " Earth Rounders" Bob Reiss, Jay Shower and my self. Thanks for including the nice picture of my plane and hangar in your interesting Air Safaris log.

144  Date: 2002-05-17 06:25:28
dean paton ( / no homepage) wrote:

all the best....

143  Date: 2002-05-17 02:38:07
Chris Hulen ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for sharing your dream, and that of mine and countless other aviators'! It would have been nice to say "hello" as you passed through Houston. I'm an airline pilot and must have been on a trip.

142  Date: 2002-05-16 16:03:45
Bob Reiss ( / no homepage) wrote:

San Diego to Hilo Hawaii,KSDM to PHLO Distance 2177 nautical miles,time 14hrs40min,fuel used 181 gallons,avg grnd spd 149 kts,alt 4000 ft msl,winds aloft avg plus 6kts eng operation 50 degrees lean of peak,oil consumption one forcast spot on(Jepp Fax route forecast#8400).

141  Date: 2002-05-16 11:00:40
Odilon Monteiro ( / wrote:

Dear Bill,

Great Fly, and it is georgeous you share it so fast with us.

Happy landings


140  Date: 2002-05-15 21:51:39
Rebecca Finlen ( / no homepage) wrote:

What an amazing Father I have.... Counting down the "sleeps" now.... Can't wait to hear of all the stories.... So proud of you Dad!!


139  Date: 2002-05-15 16:45:43
Tim Roehl ( / wrote:

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable trip. It was great to have you visit us.
Blue Skies,

138  Date: 2002-05-15 09:02:23
Juergen ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,
great stuff. Just return back online after my spring seatrail and was going through your whole trip. It is just like sitting with you in the cockpit and shearing the challange. Shure we missed you here in Europe but you got it different in Afrika ... >:0))

Tailwinds and happy landings Bill.. Juergen and Heidi

Bob ... my mother goose aswell thanks to you again for PNG Safari, great to remember, it becomes greater with the time either... and for that big webside for Bill to share his challenge. All the best to you Bob !

137  Date: 2002-05-14 18:58:17
Odilon Monteiro ( / wrote:

Hi Bill,

I think, in this moment, you are flying for 8 hours and remain something like 7 or 8 fly hours.
I hope you enjoy the experience and wish to you a beautiful Pacif crossing.
Regards and soft landing

136  Date: 2002-05-14 17:28:37
Bob Reiss ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Bill,You left San Diego(KSDM)in the pre-dawn darkness in ideal weather and wind conditions for your crossing to Hawaii.It will be a most cherished memory to be relived in your mind many times over.I hope you are relishing it for it will too quickly be over.It was good to visit with you "boss fella"and thank you again for my most memorable flying experience;The PNG Air Safari".Bob

135  Date: 2002-05-14 13:24:54
Andrew Stewart ( / no homepage) wrote:

Awesome: I'm full of envy and admiration. I'd like to do it in my cherokee 300, but its not likely to happen (at least in the foreseeable future).

134  Date: 2002-05-14 13:14:11
Sid Thompson ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good luck on the balance of your trip.


133  Date: 2002-05-14 11:26:08
Jay Shower ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bill got airborne from KSDM (Brown Field)Tuesday 14 May at 0350 local (1050 UTC) for PHTO (Hilo). ETA PHTO is 1600 local (0200 UTC) +/- 30 minutes. The cotrollers and military let him go directly through the Warning area offshore, so he is Great Circle from takeoff to landing in Hawaii. The winds and WX look favorable. It was a beautiful clear night takeoff.

132  Date: 2002-05-14 03:31:52
Jay Shower ( / no homepage) wrote:

Mary and I have enjoyed your visit here in San Diego Bill. I actually envy you the beautiful flight across the Pacific. You and your family are welcome here anytime.

131  Date: 2002-05-13 22:34:22
Bob Reiss ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Bill,To memorialize your arrival at Gillespie Airpot in San Diego,The Air Traffic Controller said "You appear to be overflying the field at 4500 Ft.",Having failed to descend for the Localizer approach,you said "Aw shit,I really stuffed that one".We applaud your eloquence! Have a great run accross the pond to Hawaii.Bob Reiss

130  Date: 2002-05-13 12:41:44
Bert Love ( BERT@NETLEADER.COM / wrote:


129  Date: 2002-05-13 11:25:11
Eric Saacks ( / no homepage) wrote:

See you at the BPPP.
Hope you will give us a talk.
All the best for the rest of your trip.
Best regards


128  Date: 2002-05-13 08:19:14
Edward Seaver ( / no homepage) wrote:

In this months May issue of the ABS magazine in the General Aviation New about your trip.

Enjoyed the entries in your guest book...look forward to reading about your flight in the ABS magazine.

127  Date: 2002-05-11 19:37:29
Ron Koyich ( / no homepage) wrote:

Way to go, Bill - thanks for taking the time to complete your log of each leg. Makes good reading.


126  Date: 2002-05-10 07:06:24
Oliver Binz ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,

What a trip!!! Can't wait for the next installment.

Reading about your travels has renewed new interest in finnishing those navs for my ppl.

Keep having fun,


125  Date: 2002-05-10 00:20:34
Mary Ford ( / no homepage) wrote:

Looking forward to your landing at SEE, Gillespie Field in San Diego. Jay is pacing in anticipation.

124  Date: 2002-05-09 23:54:37
Jim Opalka ( / wrote:

Would like the opportunity to write an article about your adventures. Jim

123  Date: 2002-05-09 23:53:40
Jim Opalka ( / wrote:

Would like the opportunity to write an article about your travels.


122  Date: 2002-05-09 22:25:34
David N. Arnoldy ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am following your flight and adventures with great interest and enjoyment. I am contemplating a similar trip in about four years. Best wishes.

121  Date: 2002-05-09 21:05:42
Eliot Merk ( / wrote:

Bill, I am looking forward to meeting you in Hilo, Hawaii.

Fair Winds and Safe Flying! Eliot Merk

120  Date: 2002-05-09 19:59:50
Ken Ingle ( / no homepage) wrote:

Friend of Marvin Bumgardner
Arlington, TX

119  Date: 2002-05-09 10:23:27
suzy McLay ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Bill, Continue to follow your adventures and great stories; there must be heaps more yet untold. Safe flying Suzy ,Campbell and Rosie

118  Date: 2002-05-09 06:52:18
Graham Bentley ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill what a wonderful adventure which I will follow with great interest. It makes a 13 day within Australia trip I did seem like doing a couple of circuits - Keep up with the reports and safe flying.

117  Date: 2002-05-08 21:34:47
Ian Aspland ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Bill, Mid-week at the Gliding Club was extra long this time 5 days? Lift each day was about 5 knots to low cloud base 3000 QFE . Counted 14 gliders on the launch pad one day half of which went cross-country? Hi-light of my weekend was a flight in John Buchannan,s ASW22 B. I was very nervous about the 90 ft wings almost draging on the ground during take off. I have just been catching up on your flying since leaving Africa . Great stuff
even with an engine. Ian Aspland

116  Date: 2002-05-08 20:10:04
Tom Gresham ( / wrote:

Bill visited my home town of Natchitoches, Louisiana, in the USA today, May 8. Natchitoches is pronounced Nak-A-Tish. We had a good lunch of world-famous Louisiana food, including fried green tomatoes, gumbo, and fried catfish.

Thanks, Bill, for stopping in. Be sure to include us on your NEXT circuit around the globe. It was a pleasure to meet such a fine gentleman.

115  Date: 2002-05-08 11:13:14
Steve Snow ( / no homepage) wrote:

Gidday Bill you are a Brave Man and brave men allways do well every body is proud of you and the way you are handling your Earthround Trip great to read you updates allways looking,We will have to go up in your Tiger Moth when you come back. My self and QAC Members had a good trip up to Winton May long week end regards Steve.

114  Date: 2002-05-08 09:31:22
Clinton Arentz ( / no homepage) wrote:


Congratulations on this most marvelous and courageous endeavour. God speed home.

Clinton Arentz

113  Date: 2002-05-08 08:05:30
Odilon Monteiro ( / wrote:

Hi Bill

Congratulations about your nice trip.
In the next year I intend to do my RTW too.
I wish no more engine problems.
Good luck


112  Date: 2002-05-07 10:46:44
Baby Finlen ( / no homepage) wrote:

I love you heaps .

111  Date: 2002-05-07 04:37:47
Rotary Club of Acacia Ridge ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill

We at the Acacia Ridge Rotary Club have become aware of your solo flight around the world. We admire your courage and determination. It makes us proud to know that another Australian is making a mark.

We have had snippets of information via Barry and Cheryl Arentz. It sounds like an interesting journey. We wish you well for the rest of your trip and safe flying. Some of our members are Bonanza Pilots and they therefore have a special interest.

Some time in the future when you have settled back in Australia, you may consider attending one of our Rotary dinners and share some of your many stories with us.

The members of the Rotary Club of Acacia Ridge

110  Date: 2002-05-07 00:25:02
Barry and Cheryl Arentz ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, Bill from Barry and Cheryl downunder.

What a great adventure, we are all totally enthralled reading each update. It must be good to be now getting into more friendly areas. Can't wait for the next update.

Barry and Cheryl Arentz

109  Date: 2002-05-06 19:09:45
Jonnie Vanatta ( / wrote:

Bill.......what a great time we had on 5/5/02 at Vickrey's. Ron sure knows how to burn a steak. My husband Dick and I are so happy to have made your acquaintance (I'm still trying to remember Wichita?). It felt as though we had known you all our lives. (You don't suppose that wonderful Australian Shiraz had something to do with it?)...just kiddin'! You totally fascinated us with your experiences and we hope we get the chance to be in your company again....perhaps at an ABS Convention, or a fullfilled dream of mine to visit Australia, or wherever........We shall never forget "Cinco de Mayo" 2002 spent with you and our dearest friends at Spruce Creek Fly-In......My best regards go with you on the remainder of your global journey....Jonnie

108  Date: 2002-05-06 18:36:19
Gene Reich ( / no homepage) wrote:

Fascinating!! I spoke to Dick Vanatta on5/6/02 at the Fly-In office and was really interested to see how you,ll fell after it's all finished. Perhaps you'll let us know. Good flyin' to ya!! geeno

107  Date: 2002-05-06 05:29:56
Judy Bryden ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill
Was talking to Jen this morning and she filled me in on how you were going. We wish you well and a safe trip home.
Cheers Judy&Jim.

106  Date: 2002-05-06 04:43:48
Wendy Lovelace ( / no homepage) wrote:

Still following your progress with great interest; at least now you're entering the territory where they speak english - of sorts - and you can get some fresh crisp notes of the right currency - oh and they don't call it a bribe - it's a tip! Good luck with the next few legs.

105  Date: 2002-05-05 10:40:57
Frank ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Bill,
I am glad that you are taking your time!!!
Have more fun!!!
Frank :o))

104  Date: 2002-05-05 04:59:29
David&Helen ( / wrote:

Dear Bill,
We are enjoying you great adventure.
Please have a cigar for us.
David& Helen

103  Date: 2002-05-03 22:38:27
steve horne ( / no homepage) wrote:

great stuff and very courageous. I have an A36 N86CD 1998 E4135. Also have a 182 in NZ ZK SGH I am in Columbus Ohio .If you are this way welcome to stay.. Good Luck

102  Date: 2002-05-03 09:31:12
David Scott ( / no homepage) wrote:


Inspiring stuff and thanks for sharing some of your experiences. I'm a mate of Ronny Dunn and a Flight Service Officer here in Brisbane. I've got the over water bug to the extent of flying YBBN-YLHI-YBBN in a Grumman Tiger AA5B (VH-WPZ). Found the water a bit deep but got a taste (just a small one) of what it must have been like for those early madmen. Thanks again.

David Scott

101  Date: 2002-05-02 17:12:47
Fabricio p. Schuber ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Bill, how was your flight to Caracas ? Nice weather conditions ? I´m following you now. Have a nice trip my friend.

Fabricio Schuber , from Belem - Pará - Brazil

100  Date: 2002-05-02 12:10:32
Gary Sawyer ( / no homepage) wrote:

Friend of Ron Dunn. Own and fly a Rans Coyote - but not so far or fast as you. Great photos.
See you in Brisbane

99  Date: 2002-05-02 09:09:53
Jim Peters ( / no homepage) wrote:

[1999header.jpg (14972 bytes)]

Bonanza Bill

?Twas Bonanza Bill of Paddington who caught the flying craze,
He turned away his Cardinal that had served him many days.
He dressed himself in flying clothes resplendent to be seen,
and hurried off to Southport to buy an I.F.R machine,
and as he taxied down the strip to give it all a try,
the grinning instructor said, "Excuse me can you fly?"
See here young man, said Bonanza Bill, from Walgett to the sea,
From Conroy's gap to Castlereagh there's none can fly like me,
I'm good all round at everything as everybody knows,
Although I'm not one to talk - I hate a man that blows.
But flying is my special gift my chiefest sole delight;
Just ask a wild duck can it fly, a wild cat can it fight,
There's nothing built by Beech and Piper, flying fast or slow,
Glider, piston-powered, turbine, fanjet or turbo,
But while I fly and straps are tight and the turbulence light,
I'll fly this V tailed here concern right straight away at sight.
?Twas Bonanza Bill of Paddington who sought the northern clime,
Of Cape York and New Guinea, as he had another time,
He turned his plane for Hagen but into cloud he flew,
And where he really was he never really knew.
He pushed the mixture in to keep the fire lit,
But his engine coughed and spluttered and belched alot of shit.
He reassured his passengers who were busy filling bags,
And strange to say, his mate Barry had forgotten all his gags.
He cursed his continental, swore and muttered ?EGT?
And called up Port Moresby to tell them he couldn?t see.
He finally got his mixture right and ever upwards flew,
Until he arrived at Kikori above 8/8ths in clear blue.
?Twas Bonanza Bill from Paddington, who slowly settled down,
When he crossed the soaring mountains and spied Hagen town.
He said "I?ve had some narrer shaves and lively flights before,
But all those bloody mountains are the tallest I ever saw,
I give that V tailed outlaw best; It?s shaken all my nerve,
To feel it whistle through the air, to buck and plunge and swerve.
Of New Guinea IFR I?ve really had my fill,
It?s VFR or nuthin? henceforth for Bonanza Bill"
Jim Peters with due respect for Banjo Paterson and Bonanza Bill

98  Date: 2002-05-02 02:37:19
Roy Matthews ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great trip, wish you the best of Flying, an amazing adventure...................

97  Date: 2002-05-01 23:02:48
Chris & Greg Ingram ( / no homepage) wrote:

Really enjoying seeing what Bill is up to. All the best Bill we are all with you.

96  Date: 2002-04-30 17:52:33
paula and sue seychelles ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

thinking of you and following your progress with admiration and jealousy
good luck from us both.

95  Date: 2002-04-30 08:04:45
Jock Folan ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am following your trip with interest, Good Luck.
Following our discussion at Coolangatta, I am also achieving similar fuel burn figures!

94  Date: 2002-04-29 13:06:19
Mike Smith ( / no homepage) wrote:

I think we are getting more laughs than you are. Looking forward to more.

93  Date: 2002-04-29 05:12:50
allan hennessy ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good luck Bill will follow with interest and will advise OTVA members in the next newsletter of your page ..and trip.

92  Date: 2002-04-29 04:54:43
Keith Willis ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Bill....just told of your wonderful adventure....would like to hear of your experiences if you have time....Regards.

91  Date: 2002-04-28 11:19:17
Trevor Thatcher ( / no homepage) wrote:

Go for it Bill! I'll bet you are glad you are not
carrying that old piano you shifted for me!!!
Best regards.

90  Date: 2002-04-28 11:06:53
darryl hansen ( / no homepage) wrote:

hi bill,
following your adventure wish you all the best daggs kingaroy

89  Date: 2002-04-28 06:08:52
Sue Mclay ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,Following your fabulous trip; great reading.
Can't wait for the next update. Will have to pass the hat around when you return to fill the coffers after your generous financial support of the African Nations!Enjoy the remaining adventures. Sue, Rosie and Campbell

88  Date: 2002-04-27 20:22:02
Ian Aspland ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Bill,
I certainly would not get far in those African countries with my deep pockets? You certainly will have to get yourself hyped up for that 14 Hr leg across the Ocean between Africa 7 South America. My longest flight in a glider is 9 hours.

87  Date: 2002-04-27 17:14:02
Jay Shower ( / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for more info on Bill's RTW Flight. Any other way I might follow his Progress?

86  Date: 2002-04-27 14:06:41
Ashley Palmer ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,
I have been talking to your mum tonight.
She was telling us how you were.Hope you sare well.

85  Date: 2002-04-27 02:21:41
Mark Cowling ( / wrote:

Hi Bill!

Have been reading your stories with great interest. All the very best for the remainder of your journey Bill,...take care!

Mark and Jenny Cowling

84  Date: 2002-04-26 14:31:53


83  Date: 2002-04-26 11:45:40
Wendy Lovelace & Geoff Brearley ( / no homepage) wrote:

we're enjoying following your adventures both in the air and on the ground. so the strange uniform didn't do the trick, at least you can wear more comfortable t-shirts now and you don't have to worry about the ironing...did you get the dipstick back??...Wendy

Hey Bill,
Sounds like to need a brief case full of greenbacks as standard equipment..:-) Keep up the great work. Looing forward to seeing the machine on your return...
Happy landings (including ILS ones..!!)...Geoff

82  Date: 2002-04-25 22:02:11
Dr. Frank H. Hettlich ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello dear Bill,
I just found how to follow your progress!
Well done up to Kenya. Where are you now??
On time?? You will be in Cuba or Florida by now.
All the best
Frank :o))

81  Date: 2002-04-25 10:10:12
Peter & Sondra May ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill, Thinking of you en route across the Atlantic. Trust all going well. P&S

80  Date: 2002-04-25 06:12:14
RICK HOLDEN ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill, Have just read your fantastic diary up to Kenya. Your stress threshold is certainly a lot better than mine!Sounds as though TYE is performing like a true BONANZA!What an inspiration you both are. Kindest Regards, Rick.

79  Date: 2002-04-24 17:36:07
Ian Aspland ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Bill , I am enjoying following your adventure.
Last Mid-week at Kingaroy Soaring Club was a fizzer
so soon after the Easter comp. Next week sohould be better I will go up on thursday[rostered instructor on the saturday.] Weather here is fantastic. Ian

78  Date: 2002-04-22 21:53:17
Alexander Burk ( / wrote:

Hi Bill,
this is Alli from Germany. I hope you know who is writing this mail. Beccie told me I should visit this page. I'm very impressed!!! Congratulations to this fantastic trip. Good bless you! I'm looking forward to next entry's in your dairy. Hope we will see us sometime in Australia.

77  Date: 2002-04-21 22:30:54
Bruce & Jan Johnston ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for the call on Sunday.
We have enjoyed your travel dairy.
How was the topless girl?
Life sounds to hell.


76  Date: 2002-04-19 21:16:27
Paula & Sue (seychelles) ( / no homepage) wrote:

very best wishes from us both. Keeping up with your progress.

lots of love

75  Date: 2002-04-17 14:05:16
Connie Bailey ( / no homepage) wrote:

I admire your courage and have enjoyed reading the website and following your route. I am a flight scheduler for a large corporation who operates a Citation X. I have scheduled around the world trips and have listened to pilots concerns and HF problems. Are you working with an international flight handler? They will provide you with flight planning, permits, weather, local hotel and ground arrangements. It's well worth the cost. I'm concerned with the flight time of some of your days and the rest period inbetween flights. Fatigue is a serious issue. Good luck my friend.

74  Date: 2002-04-17 13:39:54
steve mattocks ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,
remember me, Steve at the Seychelles.i took your picture of you lounging on a sunlounger watching a topless girl on the must have been hell being stranded for three days in paradise.hope the rest of the journey goes well for you.Hope the stomach feels less fragile too!!

73  Date: 2002-04-17 12:16:18
Larry & Carol Olson ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting journey. What year is your plane and what radio gear do you have? Are you flying it lean of peak?
Hope you get the HF fixed. Have a great journey.
Larry (ABS member)

72  Date: 2002-04-17 06:44:52
K R "Doc" Miller ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good luck on your journey. Really looking forward to hearing more about it as your travels progress!

71  Date: 2002-04-16 12:43:30
David and Kylie Rampa ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill
Good to see the trip progressing so well. Catch you on the return leg.

70  Date: 2002-04-16 00:59:07
Jack ( / wrote:

First of all congratulations on your recent birthday. All the best from Chuuk - Micronesia!

Enjoy your flight and I will follow through your progress.

I wish you all the best.

Jack Aflague

69  Date: 2002-04-14 08:17:43
Neroli Merridew ( / wrote:

Following your trip with great interest - best wishes!

68  Date: 2002-04-13 07:48:21
David & Helen Peel ( / wrote:

So far So good.
Keep up the good work.
David & Helen

67  Date: 2002-04-11 21:07:04
Ian Aspland ( / no homepage) wrote:

Still with you Bill. Going to Kingaroy this afternoon. I am rostered Instructor this weekend.

66  Date: 2002-04-11 20:41:08
Hans Georg Schmid ( / wrote:

Hi Bill

First of all congratulations from Switzerland to your recent birthday. All the best!

Enjoy your flight and open your eyes and your heart to all those wonders of this world. I wish you luck, always clear skies (at least after Christmas Island) and lots of tailwinds.

Fly safely. All the best

Hans Georg Schmid / Switzerland

65  Date: 2002-04-11 11:19:21
Glenda & Richard Faint ( / wrote:

All the very very best on your epic flight.
Our thoughts are with you :)
Glenda and Richard

64  Date: 2002-04-10 04:13:45
Howard Billman ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good luck on your flight. . . all us wanna-bees will follow your progress. You are a good example of what us guys/gals over 60 can do. . . I fly a 182 from San Carlos, California and would like to try in a couple of years. . . Howard Billman

63  Date: 2002-04-10 04:05:16
Greg Tom ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,

Safe trip. The Girls ask each day if they can draw the line on the globe for each legs of your flight. Jen told me of your 15hrs Christmas to Columbo at 1000' 20-25knots headwind, and my thoughts went back to our discussion of westerly tailwinds!


Greg, julie, Lauren & Rachel

62  Date: 2002-04-10 03:00:45
Grant Beaumont ( / no homepage) wrote:

Inspirational !

61  Date: 2002-04-09 07:22:43
Greg and Anne Goulding ( / wrote:

Hi Bill
Hope all goes well on your "Round the World" flight.
Greg says - be sure to wear the stockings for DVT prevention when on a long leg. He didn't when he flew to Aus from Florida in the new Seneca V last year and yes he suffered. He is OK now and back flying.
Hope we can catch up on your return - perhaps another reunion in Dubbo would be the go!
Have a safe trip. Best wishes, Greg and Anne

60  Date: 2002-04-08 13:42:34
Lew Oakes ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill
We missed you in Broome with Jenny and Theo. We will follow your progress. Hope to see you in Perth in 2003.
Bette and Lew

59  Date: 2002-04-08 13:09:04
Gary Burns ( / wrote:

Bill, Enjoy the journey. I hope you have fine weather & great tailwinds. It is a great feeling to join the 'earthrounders'.
Best wishes, Gary Burns

58  Date: 2002-04-08 09:00:53
David& Trudy Herbert ( / wrote:

Best Wishes _Safe Flying -see you back in Brisbane

57  Date: 2002-04-07 10:45:52
Pat Maynard ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill Happy 60th. Sorry we all missed you departure archerfield but as you know we were in White Cliffs & Broken Hill for Easter so you left a day too soon. I remember the last time we were at white cliffs and Ruby was in a cot for the trip. I hope you have a wonderful trip we are all thinking of you and your latest leg is discussed at the Club on Friday nights. Don't get too stressed we want you home biting at the bit for your next adventure.Love Pat QAC

56  Date: 2002-04-07 10:07:20
Mark & Helen Liesegang ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good morning Bill,
And here we thought your solo Brisbane to Perth, 21st July 2001 was auwsome !! A record breaking trip at that !! It would appear the great welcoming party in Perth has inspired you to greater adverture however, I don't think Helen will be able to bring Jenny and Ruby to see you as was the case in Perth.
Althought.....when two ex Budget ladies put there heads together....who knows what can happen !!
If the flight to Perth was recording breaking....around the world can also be done but just will take a few hours more maybe days, maybe weeks.
We know you can do it mate....just do it !!
Thinking positive thoughts for you.
Mark, Helen, Russell Liesegang (and Sam)
Weather report...a few morning showers, winds NE 14-18 knots, temp 25 Deg C.

55  Date: 2002-04-07 06:41:12
Eric Saacks ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good luck Bill

54  Date: 2002-04-07 01:16:57
Max Storck ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,
Bob Bates just emailed me and told me of your adventure. If you need any assistance in Fiji, please let me know. I can also offer ou a bed if you need it. I envy you,



53  Date: 2002-04-06 01:33:53
Flemming PEDERSEN ( / wrote:

Hi Bill,
Good luck with your ATW flight. Angela and I are having a great time here in Mexico City, where we are staying with earthrounder Jorge Cornish. Looks like we will be crossing paths somewhere in the Carribean. We will be leaving Cuba for Bahamas / British Virgin Islands around 19 April. Mexico is a great country to visit, but it looks like you will be bypassing it!!
Angela and Flemming PEDERSEN - Toluca, Mexico
Eastbound ATW in Mooney HB-DVN
See you in Perth next August - I hope!

52  Date: 2002-04-05 07:31:48
Clive Tudge ( / wrote:

Good luck to Bill on his 'round the world'.

51  Date: 2002-04-05 03:05:32
Robert Gannon ( / wrote:

Hi Bill,
I haven't met you yet but hope to in due course. I am presently flying my Cessna 182 around the world... a leg at a time. Left San Diego on my 50th birthday (Sept. 7, 2000) and my plane, Lucky Lady Too, is awaiting for my return in New Zealand. Next leg will be the end of May of 2002 for Lord Howe Island and on to Brisbane then up to Cape York and Darwin where I shall leave her again till I return the end of Sept. to continue to Perth. I figure since I am 9 years younger than you, I have a bit more time to get around the world!! If I haven't left for New Zealand I hope to meet you here in the San Diego area.
All the Best,
Robert Gannon

50  Date: 2002-04-04 11:27:46
Roger Meridew ( / wrote:

Good on yer Bill! Many of us talk about it, some of us eventually do it but Bill does it and does it when he says he will do it. God speed!

49  Date: 2002-04-04 10:20:37
Creag & Victoria ( / no homepage) wrote:

Happy Birthday Bill & good luck on this fantastic flight. Our thoughts are with you & we hope good weather is too ! Fly straight & level & have that credit card ready for the refills of all those tanks
Love Creag, Vix & the tin lids

48  Date: 2002-04-04 09:12:51
Vicki Williams ( / no homepage) wrote:

I'll be checking in every day to see how you're going Bill, I hope the wind blows you home with some good tales to tell. Warm regards, Vicki (Andrew's sister)

47  Date: 2002-04-03 23:16:24
Peter Mochrie ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill,
So you have left Australian shores once again. Wishing you good weather and "co-operation" from the ground handlers.

Good luck Bill,


46  Date: 2002-04-03 11:39:22
Klaus and Ursula Graesslin ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Boss Pella
In thought we are with you around the world.
Best wishes
Klaus and Ursula

45  Date: 2002-04-03 07:43:13
Marian Jowitt ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good on you Bill. We look forward to hearing all about it.

44  Date: 2002-04-03 03:26:32
Liz Mahon ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Bill

I am a new friend of your daughter Rebecca when I first heard of your adventures I thought the man must be mad, but since having a look around your website I can see that maybe it is me who is mad for staying with my 2 feet planted in the soil. I look forward to meeting you one day and happy 60th birthday


43  Date: 2002-04-03 00:01:24
Ross Stenhouse ( / no homepage) wrote:

thinking about you - regards

42  Date: 2002-04-02 23:48:39
David Paynter ( / no homepage) wrote:

Happy Birthday for yesterday Bill as I guess you enjoyed it thoroughly up in TYE as you make your way on your great adventure and put paid to all the years of your thoughts and planning! Now its up to you and that great engine we built for you to await your safe return next month!Our thoughts are with you as we all wish you a safe and enjoyable journey.
Best Regards
David,Joel and the rest of the team at Brisbane Aero Engineers.

41  Date: 2002-04-02 20:15:48
Gary Tapiolas ( / wrote:

Good luck and a safe journey. You are certainly an inspiration.
GAry Tapiolas

40  Date: 2002-04-02 18:46:08
Willie Tashima ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good luck and have fun on your exciting around the world adventure. Be sure to contact us when you leave San Diego for Hilo, Hawaii.
We will follow your trip with great interest.
Willie Tashima

39  Date: 2002-04-02 17:08:55
Ron Vickrey ( / no homepage) wrote:


Best wishes for a safe and successful flying adventure of a lifetime. We hope your schedule works out for a stop at 7FL6, Spruce Creek Florida.


38  Date: 2002-04-02 16:28:00
Ian Aspland ( / no homepage) wrote:

Best of luck Bill. All the members of the Kingaroy Soaring Club will follow this adventure with interest I am sure.

37  Date: 2002-04-02 10:17:12
Theo Seymour ( / no homepage) wrote:

Sorry I missed you by two hours in Broome, but all the best for a great adventure we will be following your progress as you go may the tail winds blow TYE along your way. Kindest Regards Theo

36  Date: 2002-04-02 05:02:41
Jay Shower ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am anxiously waiting to follow Bill's RTW flight.
Will be awaiting his arrival in SAN about 10 May maso minus.

35  Date: 2002-04-02 03:10:31
Marvin Bumgardner ( / no homepage) wrote:

Best of luck Bill and happy birthday. My wife and I are friends of Liz Finlen. We met her in Germany and were very happy that she got to visit us in Texas. Wave to the north as you travel from New Orleans to El Paso. We live in Arlington, Texas.

One comment on your itinerary, El Paso is in Texas not New Mexico.

34  Date: 2002-04-02 02:39:55
Elizabeth Finlen ( / no homepage) wrote:

Well, today is the 2nd April, and by your flight path it looks as though you are going to bypass that date!!!HEHEHE!!!Happy birthday..........
I am envious, but I prefer a 767 with the mod cons.
All the best, we will be holding our breath awaiting your return!!

33  Date: 2002-04-01 17:26:56
Bob Reiss ( / no homepage) wrote:

Godspeed Bill.Look forward to hosting you in San Diego.Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

32  Date: 2002-04-01 14:00:32
Barry Firth ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good luck on our trip Bill.
Sixty is a good age, I'm living proof!!
Barry & Kathy Firth

31  Date: 2002-04-01 11:25:29
Schneckenreither Alfred + Karolina ( / wrote:

hi bill,

happy birthday and all the best for your round the world. we will follow up. feel sorry that austria is not on your route - and to pago pago it is too far for us to say hello to you.... again all the best alfred + karolina

30  Date: 2002-04-01 11:21:17
Alan Grady ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations and best wishes Bill from Alan & maisie Grady

29  Date: 2002-04-01 11:20:39
Ade Fitzgerald ( / no homepage) wrote:

I'm very envious.Keep us informed.

28  Date: 2002-04-01 09:16:26
Greg Milliner ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bill, Have a safe and enjoyable trip. I guess you are never too old!! I would like to do it but in my triple 7! Happy Birthday, young fella...

27  Date: 2002-04-01 08:36:03
Juergen Timm ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Bill,
I know you will have a Big Flight, one of the great challanges of your life in your 60 th. You (we) need this, as other people need climbing the hill or sailing the ocean.
My mind is taking off with you Bill and I share your Flight. Thanks also to Bob for forwarding the information.

Cheers ... Juergen.
(... the Arrival is so wounderfull, safe landings and littel trouble on the ground)

26  Date: 2002-04-01 07:15:59
Hans GUTMANN ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hallo Bill
Best wishes und good luck for your trip!
Hans Gutmann

25  Date: 2002-04-01 05:35:47
Roy Molyneux ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good on you Bill. Best of luck and a safe return whenever. Cheers, Roy

24  Date: 2002-04-01 04:21:30
Jan Eller Dowdle ( / no homepage) wrote:

Happy Birthday Bill, and I wish you only good luck on your adventure. I was hoping to see Baltimore, Maryland on your itinerary, maybe next time. Your family must be so proud of you. Jan

23  Date: 2002-03-31 10:18:08
Ron Koyich ( / no homepage) wrote:

All the best on your trip, Bill. I know it's been a lot of work getting ready for it - now it will be a lot of work making it happen. But think of the sense of accomplishment!

Happy Birthday, too, which I forgot to say on the phone.

You won't miss flying in India.

Best of luck - see you in Brissy - Ron

22  Date: 2002-03-28 23:40:44
Steve Snow ( / no homepage) wrote:

Best of luck on your World Trip will keep looking at your web site for updates.
Regards Steve

21  Date: 2002-03-26 04:21:34
Jill Hunt ( / no homepage) wrote:

Ann boadle suggested I look at your site, she is recalling her happy times up in PNG. Looks lovely!!

Smiles and sunshine

20  Date: 2001-10-20 23:06:07
Bill McIntosh ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great web site,fantastic looking trips!

19  Date: 2001-04-30 23:07:54
Bruce Humphrys ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Information technology student TAFE
Great site well setup

18  Date: 2001-04-11 05:05:51
Dave McGrath ( / wrote:

I hope to be able to attend the next one do I need an instrument rateing

17  Date: 2001-04-10 11:18:50
Viking Persson ( / no homepage) wrote:

I live in Sweden I have Super-cub 150 and cessna 182
I visit Australia every yer so I am intresting for flysafaris next time (2002)
Viking Persson

16  Date: 2001-02-14 04:22:13
Anne Finlen ( / no homepage) wrote:

where are you - what do you know about the Finlen family I am married to Bill Finlen in Streator Ill

15  Date: 2001-01-13 09:37:17
Jenny and Theo Seymour ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello there Bosspeller.Hope you have a good year in 2001 Keep safe Theo and Jenny

14  Date: 2000-11-10 23:15:51
Dr.Frank H. Hettlich ( / no homepage) wrote:

still super!

13  Date: 2000-09-04 22:05:56
Dr. Frank H. Hettlich ( / no homepage) wrote:

As I have mailed to you, Bill,
veeery nice!!
Keep in touch
Frank :o))

12  Date: 2000-08-09 12:10:48
alfred schneckenreither ( / wrote:

hi bill
comeing back from our trip to oshkosh on my lancair-es i had to look immediately into your site.
great.... hope that i can join one of the next tours?? pls mail me some more infos about dates.


11  Date: 2000-08-06 13:13:50
Klaus and Ursula Graesslin ( / no homepage) wrote:


10  Date: 2000-01-31 16:08:56
pamela joyce boland ( / no homepage) wrote:

never been to Australia ! like to someday ! your pilot Jack gave me this web site as we talk on icq. Good day mate !

9  Date: 2000-01-02 10:45:19
Wayne Cotterill ( / wrote:

I am considering the possibilities. Would like to join the trip

8  Date: 1999-12-08 02:35:30
Barry Mahony ( / no homepage) wrote:

Looks interesting to say the least.

7  Date: 1999-11-29 21:32:34
Alan Grady ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks Bill Sorry we will not be able to go as we will be in South America at that time. Regards Alan Grady

6  Date: 1999-11-13 06:26:37
Steve Snow ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good Web Site, and hope its a good trip.

5  Date: 1999-11-07 19:49:43
WATERHOUSE PETER G. ( / no homepage) wrote:

as i said , join the new left wing faction of the ABS ...sell all our aircraft & buy 4wd's.!

4  Date: 1999-11-07 12:05:27
Klaus and Ursula Graesslin ( / no homepage) wrote:

We had a great time at the 1999 PNG Safari. Especially as Bob Bates made sure the weather was allways fine and beaut We love to join he year 2000 Safari.

3  Date: 1999-10-11 13:48:38
Bill McIntosh ( / no homepage) wrote:

The new Toyota utes look realy good.

2  Date: 1999-10-03 04:25:43
joanne parker ( / no homepage) wrote:

excellent, one day i may join you all.

1  Date: 1999-09-28 13:15:19
Bill Finlen ( / wrote:

Welcome to Paradise Air Safaris.
Please feel free to add any comments you may have to this guestbook. We appreciate your visit and hope you will return often.