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Yes, I want to go to PNG!     First Timers Welcome!

Please accept this initial non refundable deposit as an application to attend the Safari.

Pilot:                                                            $640.00

Crew 1:                                                       $500.00

Crew 2:                                                       $500.00

Crew 3: ____________________ $500.00

Total enclosed                                         $           





Phone (H):                                     Phone (W):                                  


Fax (H):                                         Fax (W):                                      




1.      Flying conditions in PNG are different to conditions in Australia. Be in no doubt as to the degree of experience necessary.

2.      The Coordinator reserves the right to accept or reject any application.

3.      I understand upon payment of my initial deposit, I will be progressively supplied with my tour kit including charts etc. 

4.      The balance of payment will be paid by 1st May 2009

5.      Members will be required to complete the "Disclaimer Form" to enable participation.


 For more information go to: or contact Bill Finlen:

Phone:  07 33682679 or 0438 789479

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