Enroute Information  (18/01/200)

HORN ISLAND..............(YHID), QLD

Lat S10 35.18  Lon E142 17.40  Var 5.5E 

Refer ERSA

Note: Sometimes, the fuel attendant will provide for the GST component to be waived. Ask.

DARU.....................(AYDU), PNG

Lat S09 05.21  Lon E143 12.48  Var 5.5E 

NDB 290  Note: (This does not always work) Area freq.120.3  ARFOR area 45        

Runway14/32 1400 metres Elevation 20 feet  

Fuel: Avgas not always available. We will check.

MOUNT HAGEN..............(AYMH), PNG

Lat S05 50.00  Lon E144 18.00  Var 5.5E 

Refer to Terminal charts. Bob will provide these before the flight.                                                

Fuel: Avgas not always available. Bob will arrange drum fuel.

MADANG...................(AYMD), PNG

Lat S05 12.43  Lon E145 47.33  Var 5.5E 

Refer to Terminal charts. Bob will provide these before the flight.

AVGAS sometimes difficult. We will organise this if required. 

TARI..................., PNG

Lat S05 50.30  Lon E142 56.00   

Refer to Terminal charts.

Elevation 5500ft

17/35 1340 meters


Lat S05.58.30 E143.03.56

Length - 735 meters
Average Slope - 10% down to the west. Max slope 14 %

One way only. Land 08 only  T/O 26 only

Height at parking bay 6200, threshold 08 is 6000 ft on area QNH

Surface is white gravel or limestone.

Note: Density altitude could be approx 8,000 feet.


 MANAM ISLAND.............(MANAM),PNG Lat S04 05.00  Lon E145 05.00  Var 4.5E  Note: Pilots may wish to track coastal and circumnavigate this active volcano. Don’t land.

 KARAWARI………(KRR) (Note: The Radio Nav chart and some GPS data cards have a waypoint KRR. THIS IS NOT KARAWARI airfield) Check it out on Google Earth

Lat S04 35.78 Lon 143 31.2 Var 5.0E

Refer to “Crocodile map”

Bearing: 130/310

Elevation: 90 feet

Runway: available length of about 850 meters and can be slippery if wet

Slope: Level

Surface: Grassed

Strength: Group 2

 BENSBACH……… Check it out on Google Earth

Lat S08.52 Lon 141.15 Var 5.0E (You will find this on the Torres Strait WAC 3097)

Bearing: 138/318

Elevation: 30 feet

Runway: now approximately 1,300 meters and is regularly used by King Airs.

Slope: 0.8% down to the SE

Surface: Grassed

Strength: Group 3

NOTE: If you Google Earth Bensbach, you get a place nearby but not the Lodge. Use the coordinates to see the airstrip.


The following are possible alternates from Horn island to Mt Hagen...all these should be in the data base of your GPS

Name: DARU

Abbreviation: AYDU

Lat/Long: S0905.30 E14312.41


Elevation: 20 feet

LDA: 1,400 meters

Slope: Level

Remarks: Normally Runway 14/32


Abbreviation: BLI

Lat/Long:S0803.15 E14256.36

Runway: 10/28

Elevation: 100 Feet

LDA: 1,390 meters

Slope: 0.2% down to west




Lat/Long: S0758.64 E14249.25

Runway: 15/33

Elevation: 50 feet

LDA: 1,078 meters

Slope: Level

Remarks: Avgas available from MAF


Abbreviation: AYKK

Lat/Long: S0725.58 E14414.96


Elevation: 40 feet

LDA: 705 meters

Slope: 0.3% down to west

Remarks: Caution Marsden matting surface

Name: GOBE

Abbreviation: GBE

Lat/Long:S0652.67 E14343.31

Runway: 14/32

Elevation: 180 feet

LDA: 1050

Slope: Level



Abbreviation: ERV

Lat/Long: S0636.35 E14354.02

Runway: 11/29

Elevation: 3,400 feet

LDA: 1,219 meters

Slope: Level

Remarks: Caution terrain


Abbreviation: AYMN

Lat/Long: S0608.89 E14339.43

Elevation: 5,680 feet

LDA: 1,340 meters

Runway: 17/35

Slope: 0.65% down to the south


Keglsugl airstrip details are.
Altitude 8,200 feet - Say density altitude 10,000 feet.
Length - 650 meters
Slope - 8%


 Horn Island to Mount Hagen                                             Approx 320 NM

Mount Hagen to Madang                                                    Approx 100 NM

Madang to Karawari (via Manam Island)                        Approx 180 NM

Karawari to Madang                                                           Approx 90 NM

Madang to Bensbach                                                           Approx 260 NM

Bensbach to Daru to Horn Island                                     Approx 120 NM plus 105 NM

Horn Island to Cooktown                                                   Approx 340 NM