Newsletter-15 June 2009

On behalf of The Australian Bonanza Society

Gut moin,

Only 6 more sleeps!

PNG Customs. Bob has organised customs to be at Madang for our clearance into PNG meaning we will not land at Daru.

Flight Plan. Please prepare flight plans for two routes. We will determine the route on Monday morning after looking at the Satellite picture. We will be lodging the group flight plans on Monday morning so will need to have a plan for both routes prepared on Sunday night. We do not do the flight plans for you. You need to do them yourself for each flight and give them to me on the night before the flight. Thems the rules.

Route 1 will be overfly Daru (no landing), overfly Kikori and Goroka and land Madang.

Route 2 will be overfly Daru (no landing) overfly Mt Hagen and land at Madang.

On both routes, Bob will want us to report at 7 deg South and this usually causes a bit of confusion to Australian pilots, so put it in the plan please.

Arrival at Horn Island. Everyone is booked to do the Horn Island tour on Sunday afternoon. Please arrive at Horn Island by midday Sunday....before if at all possible. The group will depart Horn Island early Monday morning and you won't be able to continue if you are not with the group. Our flight approval with the PNG authorities is to fly as a group in company with mother goose. So leave a bit of margin to arrive early.

Keep in touch. If you have not done so already, please keep in touch with me of any changes to your plans.

Fuel Jerry Cans. If you have the space, carry a can for fuel as a precaution. Not essential but could be handy.

Questions. Please phone or email if there is anything at all that I can do to make this a truly memorable experience for you.