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21st June-4th July 2009 (Revised)

    11 years ago, the Australian Bonanza Society conducted its first international flight to Papua New Guinea with 40 members and friends.

    As the event coordinator, I was fortunate to meet up with Bob Bates and his organisation based at Mount Hagen. Bob uses his Baron almost daily and as an ABS member loves to fly. Having lived and flown in PNG for about 40 years, he knows the country and weather systems like the back of his hand. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he is able to organise local people to look after parked aircraft and provide guides for all of the tours etc.

    Subsequent to this tour, Bob and I teamed up and have conducted a safari each year since the first one in1998. It will be our great pleasure to now organise the second safari for ABS members and friends.

    PNG remains one of the worlds best kept secrets. Many of the places we will visit are remote and only accessible by air. You will receive a true insight to the wonders and wilderness of PNG.

    The air safari enables private pilots to experience flying their own plane to an international destination that is within easy reach of the Australian mainland.

    Flying will be VFR. Most of the airstrips are not difficult for the average pilot however all flights in PNG require special consideration with respect to regulations and safety. Please consider your level of experience and the capabilities of your aircraft carefully.

    We welcome members who are joining for the second and third time and look forward to including first timers for a fantastic adventure in PNG.